Zombie Finger Puppet Theatre Videokit

Going zombie isn’t easy!

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Zombie Finger Puppet Theatre Videokit

Going zombie isn’t easy! As inspiration, The Zombie Finger Puppet Theatre Videokit includes 5 dynamic stories with massive zombitude. Just a lil’ something to help your insure zombie videos kill! Just shoot it all with your phone or tablet – then shoot, shape, & share!

1. Shot lists to help you decide what to shoot.
Knowing the necessary shots can help make your story epic. Just tap to record as many clips as you want for each shot.

Videokit storylines include:

  • Zombie Day in The Life
  • Zombie Party
  • Zombie Interview
  • Zombie Postcard
  • Zombie Cooking

2. Scripts and tips while you shoot.
A teleprompter makes suggestions for each shot. A script may suggest questions to ask, and tips provide advice about lighting, camera angles, etc.

3. Title graphics and music included.
Everything is assembled on your phone or tablet! Your video can be complete before the zombiepocalype is over. Watch it immediately and share it online.

4. Video editing not required.
You can trim and reorder clips. You can decide to leave out some clips for a shorter version, or leave it all in for the “director’s cut.” If you want to do more extensive editing, just save all clips to camera roll and import them into other video editing software.

Your video clips, music, title graphics, and transitions are all done on the phone and can be played back immediately and privately. No sign-in. No uploads and downloads. No need to transfer files and wait for results.

5. Watch it on your HDTV. Play it on your iPad.
Of course, you can immediately play your video on your phone or tablet. You can also hook your phone up to HDTV with the Apple Digital AV Adapter or save your video to camera roll and use AirPlay to stream it to Apple TV, a Macintosh or even another iPad.

6. Share to YouTube and Facebook.
Send links to your video in messages, emails, or tweets.

Get zombified! Get your own ZFPT cast of finger puppets, download the Videokits app, shoot your videos, and enter our contests!

Ages 8+
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