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Learn Healthy Food Choices for a Better You

U of Chew

Good health never goes stale! Exciting animations using fun characters, videos, games, stories, tips, and recipes increase your child’s awareness about healthy food and fitness. Designed to battle childhood obesity and teach healthy habits for life, the U of Chew teaches children how food and lifestyle choices affect their bodies and emotions.

Follow the adventures of a group of students and their professor through many adventures at the U of Chew and places in Tastee Town.

In a world made of giant food and a cast of characters that are sure to surprise and delight, children visit Tastee Town and learn more about the healthy choices we can all make every day in a fun and immersive way.

– The Bodinator helps children discover what BMI (Body Mass Index) is, and how to measure and use it as a guide for a healthy body.

– Learn simple, family-friendly recipes for every palette in the Tastee Town Garden.

– In the Art Department, using images of the U of Chew and Tastee Town, there are dozens of simple-to-use, immersive painting, drawing, and mixed media collage tools. Images can be saved to a device’s photo library for sharing.

– Enjoy Jigsaw Puzzles with scenes from the app and bonus images you create in the Art Department. Children can control difficulty, set the number of pieces and apply special effects.

– Play a simple, but fun, memory game of Concentration using with the U of Chew cast of characters and food items.

– [Coming Soon] In the Brainery, drag and drop food items in a Rube Goldberg style activity that teaches what’s in food and how it effects the body physically and emotionally.

– [Coming Soon] In the Sugary, learn about which sugars are helpful for the body and which foods are best.

– [Coming Soon] In the Catchery, learn about marine biology and how and which fish and seafood help the body (like Omega 3’s).

Enroll your children at the U of Chew so they can become Masters of Nutrition!

Ages 6 – 11

Notable features include:
  • LEARN how to make healthy choices

  • DISCOVER what food is made of and what it does for a body

  • ENGAGE with fun animations

  • SOLVE jigsaw puzzles

  • PAINT & DRAW using simple to use, immersive, paint, draw, and mixed media collage tools

In partnership of GenUwin Health, Inc.

Ages 6+
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