Tales from the Watering Hole

Follow the adventures & play games with many of your favorite animals in the African savanna!

Tales from the Watering Hole

How do African animals spread rumors?

What games do animals play?

Why is the crocodile crying?

Tales from the Watering Hole is a delightful, kid-friendly, super-fun app experience, African animals tell their stories in highly interactive and animated storybooks, as well as their portraits in original art watercolor style Painting Pages, Games, and Puzzles. Unique and playful animated illustrations and natural sounds make the animals come alive.

Follow the adventures of many of your favorite animals in the African savanna – Lion, Monkey, Elephant, Hippo, Turtle, Rhino, and many more.

Author and illustrator Alex Beard brings his love of exploration and painting to life with his signature animals in these charming stories. His watercolor drawings and stylized illustrations are unique.

Based on the award-winning trilogy of children’s books and narrated by the author and illustrator Alex Beard, Tales from the Watering Hole includes three storybooks.

Launching with The Jungle Grapevine, that tells the story of eight African animals who learn about the dangers of rumors through an outrageous game of telephone.

The Jungle Grapevine is followed by Monkey See, Monkey Draw which tells the story of a troop of monkeys and an elephant who learn to paint and draw with their hands and feet in a tale about confronting fears and the discovery of creative expression, andCrocodile’s Tears which tells the story of a rhino & a tickbird and the endangered animals they encounter on a journey to discover why Crocodile is crying.

Notable features include:
  • Fun, interactive animations
  • Unique, imaginative illustrations by the author, Alex Beard
  • Storybooks featuring African animals
  • Animals, birds, and insects that move, speak, and make natural sounds
  • Wonderful animations and sound surprises to discover
  • Funny voices for all the main animal characters
  • “Read to Me” and “Read by Myself” modes
  • Painting Pages use a watercolor style for coloring and drawing
  • Puzzles have 9 difficulty levels
  • Learn the names of African animals throughout the whole experience
  • Match the animal game
  • Discoverable animal scramble game (iPad only)
  • Percentage of revenues will be donated to The Watering Hole Foundation,  to preserve natural environments and species – wateringholefoundation.org
Ages 4+
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