MoonDucky Music Theatre

Cast, Costume, and Direct Custom Musical Theater Experiences!

MoonDucky Music Theatre

Children express their artistic imagination while creating and recording a complete musical theater show with delightful animated animal Characters! MoonDucky provides fun, unique, theatrical experiences where you dress up animal Characters, design a stage Backdrop, choose which Instruments the animals play, and record their animation and musical performance. Instrumental tracks from two, humorous MoonDucky songs are available for the creation of an original music theater experience that can be played back at any time.

Each animal character can be individually dressed in thousands of costume combinations of hats, eye-ware, tops and bottoms, and a variety of accessories, or use the Mystery Box for a random surprise outfit!

Animal characters can be used on stage multiple times, so there can be a quartet of hamsters, all dressed differently.

Choose from a selection of pre-colored backdrops or create your own in the Art Center, which has dozens of coloring pages, many simple-to-use tools for painting and drawing, plus character stamps and geometric shapes. Scenes are derived from the MoonDucky videos, “Mechanical Cow” and “Hamsters Want to be Free.” They may be used as Backdrops in any of six pre-existing stages.

There are six sets, with different floor and curtain styles that can be used with any backdrop.

Select a song for the show. Then, using the custom or predesigned backdrops, choose which characters are to be used and place them on the stage. They will begin to dance. As Instruments are chosen for each character, separate musical tracks for the selected song are activated. When it’s time for playback, each character will dance or play its instrument with its own special animation! Once the rehearsal is finalized, the complete production can be Performed in the Showtime Theatre.

In the Theater, the selected song plays while Characters dance, sing, and play their instruments.

Ages – 5-8

Notable features include:
  • ENGAGE – fun, interactive music theater experience
  • DISCOVER – animations and fun music surprises
  • DRESS UP – Seven animal characters in hundreds of costume combinations of headwear, full body wear and a variety of accessories
  • STAGE & SET DESIGN – Simple to use immersive, paint, draw, and mixed media collage tools
  • REHEARSE & SHOWTIME – determine which characters are on stage and the instruments they play. Record and playback your show!
Ages 5+
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