Anatomix Comix

Journey through the human body using fun songs!

Anatomix Comix

Anatomix Comix is an entertaining journey through the human body using songs designed to connect with and educate children about how the body works and all its different systems, including the Bones and Muscles, Heart and Circulation, Lungs and Digestion (Chew-Chew!).

This fun, educational app teaches young children about the human body and how to keep it healthy — physically and emotionally. Each body system and ‘spare part’ is paired with a catchy song that children love to sing and learn. The nine songs are upbeat and informative and the visuals offer simple tips about maintaining a healthy body.

The Anatomix Comix app makes the songs and information come to life. Enjoy… and won’t you please sing along!

Notable features include:
  • Includes nine fun, educational, and upbeat songs:
    Let’s Be Doctors
    Muscle Man
    Breath In, Breathe Out (Lungs)
    Thump Thump (Heart)
    Chew Chew (Digestion )
    You’ve Got A Lot of Nerves
    Give Me Some Skin
    Finally Feet
  • Written and designed by a medical doctor, Elson Haas, and a writer/storyteller/princess, Bethany Argisle
Ages 4+
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  • Does not collect or share any location and/or personal data
  • Does not contain any ads
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