FatRedCouch blends brands and technologies to create innovative entertainment, publishing, and educational experiences using digital platforms and physical goods… Digital+Durable™

Our Digital+Durable initiatives use a diverse array of technology-based solutions to integrate digital-application experiences with durable goods.

Here are some examples of projects previously released or coming soon:



Small Potatoes Magic Toy Maker

The Small Potatoes Magic Toy Maker is a mobile application designed to allow fans to design their own custom toy and hangtag (Potatoe Tag), place an order and have their toy delivered direct from the factory! This “Factory To Consumer” experience is a revolutionary innovation in the toy business.

Custom Small Potatoes Plush Toys

Once the fan designs and orders their custom toy, the Animal Magic factory (aka Magic Toy Factory) will create their toy and a custom hangtag, package it up and ship it direct from the factory to their home. The hangtag and even the toy will become focal points for an extended digital and personalized experience.

Custom Toy Design and Manufacturing

Along with our partner, Hong Kong based, Animal Magic Ltd., FatRedCouch is developing the Magic Toy Maker platform, a front-end entertainment experience for the leading toy manufacturer’s newly launched F2C (factory-to-consumer) division. Animal Magic will launch its first integrated app based on the successful pre-school global entertainment brand, Small Potatoes. Consumers will use the digital app to design, customize, order, and gift unique toys manufactured directly by Animal Magic Ltd. which will then ship a personalized Small Potatoes toy directly to their doorstep.



ZAZOO ClockManager

is a robust media center providing creative choices to customize the ZAZZOO Photo-Clock and a child’s activities – from bedtime to nap time – with engaging and educational visual cues to empower and develop a child’s sense of independence.

ZAZOO PhotoClock

is the answer for night owls and early risers; it provides an engaging experience to help keep kids in bed. It contains an alarm clock, a rotating digital photo frame, as well as music & audio book capabilities.

Desktop and Mobile App Media Management and Distribution Platform

FatRedCouch designed and developed a media management and monetization platform for the ZAZOO PhotoClock – a durable goods product that helps your child know when it is the appropriate time to stay in bed or get up and start the day. The first component of this platform is the ZAZOO ClockManager, a Windows and Macintosh desktop application that allows the user to manage the media on their ZAZOO PhotoClock and add more by importing media from their computer or purchasing/subscribing to additional media through the integrated ZAZOO MediaStore. Later this year, FatRedCouch will be releasing a mobile app codenamed ZAZOO Time which will provide a superset of the functionality of the ZAZOO PhotoClock and also utilize the same ZAZOO MediaStore system.



Zombie Finger Puppet Theatre Videokit app

Going zombie isn’t easy! As inspiration, The Zombie Finger Puppet Theatre Videokit app includes 5 unique, fun Videokits to help you create videos using the Zombie Finger Puppet Theatre puppets. Kits included: Zombie Day in The Life, Zombie Party, Zombie Interview, Zombie Postcard, Zombie Cooking. Digital video storytelling made fun and easy using your mobile device and awesome finger puppets!

Zombie Finger Puppet Theatre Puppets

Just your average, out-of-work Zombie actors, including: Flo, Brittany, Lil Yolo and Bruce hoping to get some help as they make their dreams of stardom come true. A set of 4 zombie-tastic finger puppets are included and ready for video action.

Video Storytelling App Using Puppets

For this project, we wanted to create a digital application experience that provided a way for owners of the Zombie Finger Puppets Theatre characters to use their imagination to tell interesting stories through video. We created 5 open ended Zombie themes storylines and integrated them into a digital application called Videokit. At the point of purchase, we have promotional packaging and materials with a QR Code that drove retail consumers to download and use the Videokit application with their puppets. Further marketing support was created through a video contest and the results were a great success – the puppets sold out quickly and some really funny and interesting videos were created.