What We Do

1. Strategy

We understand the marketplace and will examine and explore the best solution for your project. This strategy defines practically every aspect of the execution; App development can depend on the business goals!

Multiple Business Models

We offer a number of ways to work together, ranging from work for hire, licensing models, and co-production where we share revenue with you.


We can help you work out the path to your app’s most suitable business model – free, with advertising, freemium – with in-app purchases, or simply for sale.


What is the purpose of your project? Do you want to create an interactive version of existing contentAre you planning to use the app to sell products?Do you plan on marketing a personality or expert?Are you curious about cross-promoting between traditional and digital products?What are the potential revenue streams for your vision?

I talked to several companies about apps… I chose FatRedCouch because I loved their concept of the MasterApp – it incorporates storybooks, games, and painting & drawing activities.

Alex Beard

Author, Illustrator

2. Creative Development: Story

We can work with you to develop your story into a playable and immersive audio-visual experience. We focus on story and most everything we do aims to advance the story rather than distract from it.

Ideas » Characters » Setting » Problem » Resolution

3. Types of Apps

Each type of project can be managed a number of ways. FatRedCouch has been pioneering Appisodic and MasterApp development strategies that combine adoption and trials with expansion upon the relationship with customers.

The MasterApp Strategy
MasterApps are an effective development and distribution strategy. The strategy is particularly effective when there are a variety of things to market; multiple book titles, episodes, activities or products to be included in an App. We often utilize a freemium business model to engage new downloads and then expand the relationship by incrementally upgrading. The MasterApp could take the form of a storefront, bookshelf, or brand expression. All of the components are housed in the MasterApp, usually available for purchase.

4. Character Development

Often the personality of a character carries a title to success. When a character is created, we’ll work with you to discover the personality characteristics, style, and voice. With an existing character, we’ll work with you to bring the character to life through movement and sound.

Lily’s voice brought the story to life

3D Character for WordWorld

3D Character for Puff Games

3D character controlled by the user with gestures – complete with immersive environment

5. App Development: Flows and Wireframes to UI/ UX and testing

App development starts with flows and messages, then works through wireframes and working models toward final user interfaces that evolve into a fluid user experience. We take the lead on development with a design-first approach that includes multi-platform testing as an integral part of quality assurance.

6. Production

We are located at 32TEN Studios, the original location for Pixar and Industrial Light and Magic. We have the talent and facilities to provide high-level audio and visual production values to all aspects of app development.

AUDIO SAMPLES: Click on the boxes below to play audio samples

7. Technical Programming

In addition to expertise with key native languages and technologies, our technical development teams are engaged with the latest in coding platforms and frameworks. We are specifically using technologies that enable effective multi-platform publishing where we can get our apps out to multiple marketplaces.

Corona, Unity, Phone Gap, Titanium, Flash/Flex


8. Distribution

There are numerous app marketplaces and each point of distribution has unique standards and rules. We can help navigate everything from planning, budgeting, and rollout strategies to help get your apps optimized for discoverability in the market.


9. Marketing

In order for an app to be successful, it’s more critical than ever to have an effective marketing strategy. We have the expertise to develop and execute integrated marketing campaigns to get your new app to potential users.

Pre-launch – we prime the market by engaging influential press and bloggers
Public Relations – mainstream press and blogosphere
Ad Networks
Social Marketing
Advertising and Direct Marketing
Search – both internet and in-market
Video and Multimedia

We know how to roll out apps. Attention to every detail, down to the pixel on the icons in the marketplace.