Prancing, Dancing Lily

Marsha Diane Arnold

From the book by Marsha Diane Arnold

Illustration by John Manders

4.5 stars award

4 stars award

"This cute story helps introduce the world of dancing to kids by sharing Lily's journey to find where she belongs... This app is great for spending time together, increasing vocabulary, and improving reading abilities."

4 stars award

"Prancing Dancing Lily is a delightful story about keeping true to yourself and finding ways to share your special talent." 

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Prancing, Dancing Lily

A delightful, kid-friendly, super-fun interactive children's storybook app with puzzles, Prancing, Dancing Lily tells the tale of a spirited cow who doesn’t fit in with the herd. Lily would rather kick up her heels, so she leaves her farm in search of her perfect dance. When Lily finally finds the dance for her, she returns home to her herd and teaches them to drum and dance in line… a Conga line! Lily’s adventures bring joy to all the cows in the herd. In the end, Lily finally becomes the next lead bell cow.

Follow Lily around the world, from New York City to Spain to Senegal. Learn new dances, a bit of geography, and make new friends around the globe.

Notable features include:
  • Interactive children's storybook
  • Engaging puzzles with three difficulty levels
  • Fun, interactive animations
  • "Read to Me" and "Read by Myself" modes
  • Comical illustrations
  • Tap to make Lily moo, twirl, and cause a “cowmotion”
  • Many sound and animation surprises to discover
  • Professional audio narration and voices; custom background audio
  • Free Activity Guide for Parents and Teachers available on website

The award-winning story, first published by Penguin books, written by Marsha Diane Arnold, with illustrations by John Manders, Prancing, Dancing Lily was inspired by Ms. Arnold’s childhood growing up on a dairy farm with Ayrshire cows just like Lily.
Ages 4+.

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